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Esports Trends in Malaysia for 2019 and The Future

By 2020, global esports market revenue will reach 1.65 billion U.S. dollars and it is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. There are also several esports trends to expect to happen in 2019.

Esports Venue Increasing

As esports expects to reach 580 million audiences in 2020, more esports venues will need to meet the growing demands. More Investment in esports will be using to build dedicated eSports arena. The dedicated arena will not just accomodate big audiences, they will also be able to create a spectacular competitive game festival.

There are already numerous eSports arenas that are currently in construction and expect to open doors in 2019. One of them are Riot Games esports arena, LoL Park in Seoul, South Korea. Full Sail University's $6 million U.S. dollar esports arena in Florida, USA. In Malaysia, the government is also in talks and consideration to build an esports arena to push and develop a professional eSports culture locally. We will expect to see more dedicated eSports venue in 2019.

SEA Esports Scene Growing

Another trend in esports is that it is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia. Asia-Pacific region had an audience of over 98.9 million and most of the audiences are in fact from Southeast Asia. By the end of 2019, it predicts that it will expand over to 31.9 million. This is also one of the fastest-growing esports audience.

In 2018, Singtel Group, Razer and other partners are currently collaborating to expand the gaming and esports ecosystem across Southeast Asia, Australia, and India. This can boost Southeast Asia's esports and encourage more leagues and tournaments in 2019.

Moreover, the 2019 SEA Games has already confirmed several competitive games (Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Tekken 7, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Arena of Valor) to be a medal sports to be competed for the gold medals.

Most Played Esports Games In Malaysia

Dota 2 is the most popular esports game in Malaysia, which is played by pro teams located here. It is represented by 36 squads which have $6,758,269 gained in prize money. If taking into account only individual players from Malaysia, then the most played game here will be Dota 2 as well. There are 47 people playing this esports genre here on a competitive level with $9,136,736 gained in rewards.